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The Impact Effect

Mar 23, 2021

Dr. Mehrad Nazari is a consultant, teacher, facilitator, and speaker. Through teaching, Nazari had an eye-opening experience that led to a strong interest in the concept of negotiation. His interest, partnered with his exposure to such a diverse student body, led him to write on the subject.

The lack of awareness of what negotiation is has influenced how he looks at the subject. Interestingly, through his own life experiences, Dr. Nazari has drawn parallels with simple concepts and yoga practices, and the art of negotiation. Dr. Nazari has helped thousands of people worldwide elevate their personal and professional interactions by enhancing their negotiation skills.

In This Episode:

  • [00:00:46] Meet Dr Mehrad Nazari, born in Tiran, Iran, was enlisted in a compulsory military service for two years before going to London where he got his MBA. With the support of his family, he then went to the US to get a PhD. 
  • [00:05:39] Many languages do not have the word “negotiation”. What is often used is “haggling”. It is important to understand the difference between these two terms.
  • [00:12:08] Dr Mehrad explains how every single type of communication has a different mindset and different skill set.
  • [00:17:30] Research has shown that givers are more intelligent than takers.
  • [00:20:20] People need to change their mindset from “haggling” to “negotiating.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Negotiation is whenever there is the expectation of exchange. 
  • Set your attention on your intention. Realize that there is always an opportunity for growth in every interaction.
  • Excellent negotiators care about the success of the other party as much as they care about their own.  
  • A leader that is equal centric and aware that we are all connected, can energize and inspire people towards righteous action.
  • We need to “AKT” – Awareness, Knowledge, Transformation.


Dr Nazari’s LinkedIn:

Meet Mehrad Nazari, PhD, MBA

Rarely does one find such a unique background and expertise as Mehrad Nazari. His unprecedented body of work is the culmination of his quest over three decades. He stands with one foot in the world of business, one foot in the world of academia and research, with his sight on human potential. Using 5000 years of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific findings in social sciences and human behavior, Dr. Nazari’s methods interweave the best of all worlds, helping organizations of all sizes achieve extraordinary and permanent success. His captivating presentations disrupt the conventional linear style, resulting in unparalleled organizational performance.